28 Minutes Seen!

We all saw what happened after the “rage virus” encompassed London . A priest who is transformed into a flesh eating monster or the family and friends that ripped and scratched at the poor souls who suffered the torture of being eaten alive… and 28 Days Later, only a few survived. Or were there more? That is the question Fox Atomic gave a handful of journalists a chance to find out the answer to. And yes, JoBlo.com went along for the ride to see what happens 28 WEEKS LATER. So the question is, can Mr. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo continue what Danny Boyle created? And for 28 minutes, I can attest that I think he may well have done it.

What made the original work was the very humanistic story behind the dreaded virus which turned people into ghouls. And with the opening moments in the new film, it seems that this trend may continue leaving the shocks as part of the story and not just a chance to put some jarring music onto the soundtrack and throw a cat across the screen. That poor cat gets thrown way too much. What happens is a nasty attack on some innocent people just trying to survive. Now since Fox asked us nicely to not give too much away, I will abide. But truthfully, the story seems to work. It even feels familiar as we have seen some pretty horrible tragedies in the past few years. Yes, there are moments that felt like it could have been taken days after Hurricane Katrina. And this gives the movie a sense of disturbing realism.

And it’s also nice to see Robert Carlyle in a movie like this. I’ve been a fan of his since Danny Boyle’s own TRAINSPOTTING and it strikes me that this dude can do anything. His work here is quite good. There are also a few other folks that I particularly dig including Catherine McCormack, Jeremy Renner and a few other faces you may recognize. As I said, 28 minutes can tell you a lot about a film and from where I was sitting, this may have a bigger budget and a bigger cast, but it presents the world in a very bleak world where a society has to be rebuilt after the tragedy of the first 28 days. And most importantly, I bought it. It didn’t smell of bad sequel.

28 WEEKS LATER looks damn promising with a great cast and some strong visuals presenting London and the aftermath of the rage virus. I would love to describe in detail what I saw but I just can’t. I will say that this looks to be a perfect continuation of the first and even though we did not see the finished project I was invested. It was also nice to see Danny Boyle and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in a taped introduction talking about what we were to witness. Danny as Executive Producer seemed to want to be a part of another terrific thriller and not just a ‘make a bunch of moolah opening weekend box office popcorn flick’. Here’s to the rest of 28 WEEKS LATER continuing with the promise of what the first 28 minutes had to offer.

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