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Cage & Chow Yun-Fat

Apr. 1, 2002by: Mike Sampson

Those rumors about another Nicolas Cage reunion with his FACE/OFF and WINDTALKERS director John Woo appear to be more than just rumors after all.  A report today in Variety confirms initial reports that Cage is in talks with Woo about starring alongside Chow Yun-Fat in the historical drama MEN OF DESTINY.  Yeah, you heard right - a historical drama.  No crazy gun fights or slow-motion shots of doves flying this time around.   Here, Cage would star as one of the many Irishmen working on the construction America's first railroads, and the film would detail his friendship with one of the many Chinese workers (Yun-Fat) alongside him.  The film was originally written by Tom Vaughan but was rewritten Woo's FACE/OFF team of Mike Werb and Michael Colleary.   Cage could make this his next starring role, should he accept, as he waits for the dust to clear on the film adaptation of GHOST RIDER.

Chow Yun-Fat and Nicolas Cage

Source: Variety
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