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Will Ferrell is the one!!

While everybody and their aunts was discussing the pros, cons, questions and answers that were found in the #1 movie of the weekend, and the apparent final installment of the MATRIX series, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, swinger Jon Favreau and funny-man Will Ferrell quietly slipped into a massive second place opening weekend with ELF opening at $32.1 million and positive reviews all around. Congratulations to Ferrell for finally breaking through big-time on the big screen!! REVOLUTIONS obviously had a great opening as well, but when compared to its predecessor, THE MATRIX RELOADED, only six months ago, it's actually a disappointment. RELOADED opened to $134 million in its first four days of release (including $91.5 million over the 3-day weekend), while REVOLUTIONS made only $86 million over its first five days (including $50.1 million over its 3-day weekend).

And while it's difficult to call anything make close to $100 million in 5 days a "disappointment", the truth is that a LOT of money went into making and promoting the MATRIX movies, and it's unfortunate to see that many people were obviously turned off by the third part, if only because part two wasn't as interesting to everyone, and many agreed that the third part wasn't the "be all, end all" either. Also, it does appear that a trend is forming in terms of "family movies" and their grosses. Consider FINDING NEMO, the ultimate family movie, as the #1 grosser of the year, while other family fare like FREAKY FRIDAY, also breaking the $100 million mark this summer.

Now comes ELF, opening with huge figures, and what's all this about RADIO? The film, which didn't seem to have much hope with very little originality or appeal to begin with, is hanging tough among all of the bigger name movies coming out this fall, and remained in the top 5 this weekend, with very little drop. Want more proof? Check out BROTHER BEAR, a film which only in its 2nd week, barely dropped less than $1 million from its take from last week and if consistent, may end up scoring over $100 million itself. Wow. As for KILL BILL, it surprisingly bounced from the TOP 10 this week, as the limited release of LOVE ACTUALLY squeezed itself into a sweet 6th place spot, a position that will surely increase of the next few weeks, as the film prepares to go wide. This week sees the addition of LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION and MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE LONGEST MOVIE TITLE THAT I DON'T TO TYPE OUT HERE hit theaters.

 1. Matrix Revolutions  $  50.2 Million/ New
 2. Elf  $  32.1 Million/ New
 3. Brother Bear  $  18.6 Million/ $ 44.1 Million
 4. Scary Movie 3  $  11.1 Million/  $ 93.4 Million
 5. Radio  $   7.4 Million/ $  36.3 Million
 6. Love Actually  $   6.6 Million/ New
 7. Mystic River  $   4.8 Million/ $ 40.5 Million
 8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre  $   4.8 Million/ $ 73.2 Million
 9. Runaway Jury  $   4.8 Million/ $ 40.1 Million
 10. School of Rock  $   3.2 Million/ $ 73.6 Million


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