Matrix DVDs for Xmas?

If you\'ve already handed mom and dad your Christmas list for this year, you might want to prepare an appendix to add to your original list. It seems Warner Bros. may rush THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS onto DVD in a 3-disc box-set just in time for Christmas. A source for FilmForce revealed the home entertainment division of the studio called major retailers on Monday to inform them REVOLUTIONS could be on its way early January or possibly in time for Christmas. It was also hinted that the studio may forgo releasing a standalone REVOLUTIONS DVD at this time and may instead release a trilogy box-set. FilmForce\'s source, a video dealer who spoke anonymously, said \"Warners is afraid that REVOLUTIONS won\'t sell very well because of the word of mouth on the movie. The only way to make the money on sell-through is to package it with the other two.\" When Warner Home Video was contacted regarding the news, they would not confirm anything other to say that a meeting regarding REVOLUTIONS on DVD was held on Monday. Since the holiday season is already upon us, expect an announcement soon if Warners tries to sneak REVOLUTIONS in for Christmas.

Source: FilmForce
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