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Some strange additions to the DVD RELEASE DATES section today, including a bunch of old titles popping up, a couple of bizarre straight-to-video sequels as well as the latest theatrical additions, many of which sport some mighty ugly covers. Remember how cool the OPEN RANGE poster art was? (if not, click here to see one of the year\'s most inspired one-sheets) Well, I guess someone at the studio decided that three ugly faces on the DVD cover would make it more marketable? (read: ugly) Thumbs way down on that one-- although if you haven\'t seen the film, check it out...it\'s a doozy.

BRING IT ON AGAIN is the straight-to-video sequel to that \"juggernaut hit\" BRING IT ON, while THE LION KING 1 1/2 (you read that right) is basically Disney\'s way of saying \"We don\'t give a shit about quality or continuity in our films, we\'re just here to milk you muthas dry!\" My faves of the week: the continuing kick-ass cover of SWIMMING POOL (great movie, too), the foreboding cover of CABIN FEVER (with a huge Peter Jackson quote at the top) as well as the one with Johnny Depp and Salma Hayek all over it (kinda like a dream I had last night) Enjoy.

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