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One of the most rewarding aspects about running a website like this one is receiving emails from people essentially just saying "thanks" for either all of our respective goodies or for recommending a film that they might not have thought to see otherwise. This week, I've been more than happy to announce that Tom Cruise's THE LAST SAMURAI is one of my favorite films of the year and that I'm pretty sure that many other people will love it as well (unlike some of my other all-time favorites like FIGHT CLUB, DARK CITY, MEMENTO, GHOST WORLD-- which might not be appreciated by all), and it looks like Warner Bros is feeling the same way as it announced a SNEAK PREVIEW of the film in 500 theaters this coming Saturday (November 29). If you're interested in seeing the movie before it opens wide on December 5th, check their local listings for more info.

That said, allow me to bring up another side of my creepy personality, that side being the one in love with Oprah Winfrey. Creepy, right? Truth is that she's been one of my greatest inspirations since I was young, and a lady for whom I hold the utmost respect. That said, another man who also seems like a genuinely "good guy" all around, with a work ethic like no other, Tom Cruise, paid Opes and her rabid fanbase a visit on Tuesday and expectedly blew my nuts off-- or better yet, blew their make-up off! Great man!

For those of you who missed it, click below to either watch a video preview of the episode, to order a tape/transcript of the proceedings, to download Tom's own recipe of Spaghetti Carbonara or funnest of all, to watch the 8-MINUTE VIDEO with Cruise, director Ed Zwick and Oprah fielding audience questions (not exactly hard-hitting queries, but fun nonetheless) Oh and did I mention: SEE LAST SAMURAI!! 

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