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Remember the late, great Phil Hartman's Caveman Lawyer character? Well, I don't know a lot about this crazy movie business of ours, with all of its pops and buzzes, its box-office predictions, its marketing studies, its test audiences and what-not...BUT I DO KNOW ONE THING: slap a hot girl whose character used to be a porn actress and have her pretend to perform oral sex in a clip from your movie on the Internet and YOUR FILM WILL GET ATTENTION!!! (at least, from us) Her name is Elisha Cuthbert and if all goes well in the proceedings, she might just be my wife come March 12, 2004. Just to clarify, when I say that she "might just be my wife come March 12, 2004", I actually mean that her film, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR will be opening March 12...not the whole "marriage" thing. Sorry, if that was unclear. Who else stars in the movie? Who gives a sh*t! What's the movie about? Who gives a-- okay, okay...I won't overdo it. We are a movie site, after all. Here's what the fuss is all about:

A straight-arrow high-school senior falls in love with the perfect 'girl-next-door', only to discover she is a former porn star. He comes to realize that if he wants this very special woman, he better be willing to risk it all and experience a journey for which he never could have prepared.

All that to say that somehow, an Elisha Cuthbert "fan site" (possible phony-baloney studio pimp-daddy set-up?) has snagged itself a 3-minute R-rated clip from the upcoming movie that features...well, lotsa swearing, lots of insinuated sex (story of my f**ckin' life!) and plenty of hot chicks-- actually, just the one, but isn't that enough, man!?!?! To see the clip, RIGHT-CLICK AND SAVE TARGET HERE, or click the pics below to be taken directly to an online viewing. Enjoy! 

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