2nd Jumper trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming teleportation epic JUMPER has been called by some ‘the best trailer of the year.’ While that can be hard to argue, I think Trailer 2 just over-shadowed his little brother. THIS is how you make people want to go see a movie, people. JUMPER stars Hayden Christensen as a lad who discovers he has the ability to teleport and suddenly finds himself in a centuries-old battle between these ‘Jumpers’ and those who are trying to kill them. Samuel L. Jackson plays the lead villain, a poor choice in my opinion (not threatening enough, too recognizeable) and Rachel Bilson and Jamie Bell costar. The film was directed by Doug Liman (GO, SWINGERS) and will be jumping (!!!) into theatres on Feburary 14, the coldest, blackest day of the year.
Extra Tidbit: Brit and relative unknown Tom Sturridge was initially cast as the lead, but was replaced by Christensen after the studio didn't want rest their $100 million movie on the shoulders of an unknown.
Source: Apple trailers



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