3-D in your house?

Movie studios and theater owners truly believe that the new 3-D technology will be the big difference in drawing reclusive homebodies in love with their flat-screen TVs and Blu-ray discs out of their homes and back into theaters. Unfortunately for them, engineers are currently working hard to bring 3-D technology to the home. According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is working hard to create 3-D mastering standards to allow 3-D content to be viewed at home through all devices and delivery methods. While you might think this would have theater owners quaking in their boots, it's only natural. More 3-D technology in theaters means more movies that studios are cranking out specifically for 3-D. And if a movie is made for 3-D, why not try to capitalize on that in the home entertainment market. Now before you bust out your red and blue glasses, be warned that this technology is still some time away. One engineer estimated that just coming up with the standard probably won't be finalized until 2010. And then you have to manufacture the technology to make it all happen. But still - imagine if the next Batman movie was in 3-D and you could watch it in Blu-ray 3-D on your 60" flat screen. Drooooool....

Extra Tidbit: The first confirmed 3-D showing of a film was in 1920 for a film titled THE POWER OF LOVE. Huey Lewis was not involved.



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