3-D movie duel 2009?

Certain filmmakers are embracing various advanced technology, while studios are struggling to find ways to draw people away from their comfy recliners, HDTVs and easy access to hard liquor. But do they all have to do it on the same day?

We'll find out Memorial Day 2009, a weekend when both AVATAR and MONSTERS vs. ALIENS are scheduled to hit theaters in 3-D. Dreamworks has apparently made the dubious decision to put their movie against Fox and James Cameron's anticipated sci-fi film, causing a minor panic in theater chains who will not only have to upgrade much of their equipment but also decide between the two potential blockbusters.

Of course, there's still two years for one of the projects to flinch or fall behind schedule -- let's face it, Cameron hasn't exactly been expedient in his return to theaters (the Chicago Tribune also puts AVATAR's budget at $195 million, but considering Cameron's track record it'll probably end up closer to 300). And there hasn't been a bona fide smash success using the 3-D tech yet, so the increasingly floundering theater industry is understandably jittery about spending the necessary dough to upgrade. Whatever the case, we'll see the results of this proposed showdown in a couple of years when stuff begins flying out of the screen at us.

Thanks to 'Stat' for the heads up!
Extra Tidbit: Aside from the T2 experience at Universal and some underwater IMAX documentary at the New Orleans aquarium, the last 3-D movie I can recall seeing in a theater is the animated sci-fi ripoff STARCHASER: THE LEGEND OF ORIN.
Source: Chicago Tribune



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