3 for John Carter

West in 300

Dominic West has one of those faces that makes you want to stamp it on a concrete wall then do it again, especially when he's "forcing himself" on that sublime Spartan queen. And so fittingly, he's signed on to play yet another villain, this time for Pixar's very first live-action feature.

West, along with Samantha Morton and the gorgeous Polly Walker will join Willem Dafoe and Taylor "Gambit" Kitsch on Andrew Stanton's JOHN CARTER OR MARS, adapted from the classic Burroughs book A Princess of Mars.

The film will see Kitsch as the titular hunk who is transported to Mars where he's caught in the middle of a civil war. Morton is on as Dafoe's softer-hearted daughter, with West playing the evil Sab Than and Walker the tyrannical Sarkoja. I need to brush off on those books, I haven't read Burroughs in ages. Damn TV!

Extra Tidbit: Robert Rodriguez was supposed to adapt the book for Paramount back in '04 but he left the DGA over SIN CITY shared directing credit - Paramount has a deal with the DGA that says only members direct their films. One of the best films we'll never see...



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