3 For Murphy's Ship

Well if you thought Eddie Murphy might shrug off that failed Oscar bid and try to continue his career as a leading man in vapid comedies you were right on the money. Murphy's next film, STARSHIP DAVE has snagged itself Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms and Elizabeth Banks.

The film is about a race of tiny aliens who are aboard a ship shaped like a human (Murphy), trying to save their planet. There are complications of some sort, as their captain (also Murphy) falls in love with Gina (Murphy too) (no not really, it's Elizabeth Banks), a chick who always seems to date losers.

What blows the film's credability here is that no girl that looks like Elizabeth Banks or is as cool as Elizabeth Banks would ever 'always seem to date losers'. Sure she might date one out of pity or knowing them from childhood but only until she realised that history doesn't change that fact that he's a loser, and she certainly wouldn't go straight back into the dating game looking for another. She's smoking hot. Everything else about this film seems pretty plausible though, so let's see how it all goes!
Extra Tidbit: Banks was considered for the role of Sue Storm in FANTASTIC FOUR. That kind of makes more sense to me than Jessica Alba.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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