3 minute Rambo clip

I haven't seen any of the Rambo flicks, so my excitement for Stallone's new JOHN RAMBO movie is limited, but i'm not adverse to watching a three minute preview of the flick provided by Stallone himself to AICN. And after watching it, I've gotta say that I was shocked--shocked at how odd Stallone looks with long hair, shocked at the 80's horror-cheesiness of the music, and most of all shocked at the blatant, over-the-top violence and gore depicted in this clip. Can someone help me out here? Have all the RAMBO movies been this extreme, or is Stallone trying to make an action picture while cashing in on the horror audience at the same time? Because based on this clip, Rambo looks more like a psychotic killer than an action hero. The clip gets pulled tomorrow, so check it out HERE ASAP!
Extra Tidbit: Stallone will be listening to fan feedback on the AICN talkbacks and perhaps changing the film based on some of the opinions on there.



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