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Nate Filion in PG PORN

James Gunn has been making his way slowly in Hollywood indies for over a decade, and although what big budget movies he wrote haven't necessarily been on Oscar-watch, he still wrote and co-starred one of the funniest or at least most underrated superhero spoofs out there, THE SPECIALS. AND he's behind that really runny PG PORN thing. Knowing he's back in superhero land with maturity and fun actors is enough to forgive him for writing 2 Scooby-Doo films. Almost.

Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and that amazingly cute Liv Tyler will be joining indie comedy SUPER written and directed by Gunn, about a man who must rescue his wife from evil street villains by becoming the Crimson Bolt, a powerless superhero wielding a powerfully painful wrench. Knowing Gunn's sarcastic yet light touch makes me smile at that plot already.

Production on the film is set for December with an eye towards premiering at next year's TIFF. Until then Wilson is back soon in "The Office", page is up for WHIP IT out on October 2nd, and Liv Tyler is... Where the heck has she been since THE STRANGERS?

Extra Tidbit: Couldn't resist putting up a pic of Nathan Fillion from his PG PORN skit called "Nailing your wife". Seriously funny.
Source: Variety



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