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3 Quarantine clips!


Halloween is almost upon us and as such it's that time of year to get scared at the movie theater. To celebrate that, Disney is releasing BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA today. But for a movie that will scare you in a completely different way, I might recommend QUARANTINE. A remake of the Spanish horror film REC, the film follows a news camera crew that gets quarantined inside an apartment building where the residents are acting a little strange. And by strange I mean blood-thirsty. The movie opens up on October 17th but we've got three clips from the film for you today. Check em out below courtesy JoBlo Video!

UPDATE: Sony asked that we pull two of the aforementioned videos (which they tell us will be back online soon) and in its place we offer up the red-band trailer from Comic-Con...

Red-band Trailer

Extra Tidbit: Knotts Halloween Haunt in California has a QUARANTINE themed haunted maze this Halloween season.
Source: JoBlo.com



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