3 Smokin' posters!

While Sylvester Stallone is over at AICN responding to about a billion questions, NARC director Joe Carnahan is also doing the whole "interactive" thing via his own blog at www.smokinjoecarnahan.com and the testy boys over at CHUD, so if you're interested in asking the man a question directly, head on over there and type away! We recently conducted a 1-on-1 interview with the man for JoBlo.com as well, which should see the light of day around the time his latest cool-looking flick, SMOKIN' ACES, hits theaters (January 26, 2007).

But Mr. Carnahan is doing something even cooler as well. He's posting REJECTED POSTERS for his film on his blog, for punks like you and me who love that sort of shit. Wanna see? Just click on the posters below and head on over there and see why these ideas were turned down. Don't you love it when filmmakers get interactive like this? I know I do! Start sending me your questions for Salma Hayek, folks...I'll be conducting a 29-part interview session with her from February through May of 2007. A man's gotta dream...

Extra Tidbit: It took Carnahan about 7 months to write the first draft of the script for SMOKIN' ACES, on and off.



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