30 Days of Neverwhere

British fantasy writer Neil Gaiman is certainly making the rounds these days. His STARDUST arrived (and was sadly underseen) last weekend, he scripted the upcoming animated BEOWULF, his book CORALINE is being adapted for the screen, and he's working on bringing his DEATH from comics to pseudo-life.

And now he's got a movie based on NEVERWHERE on the way. The story has already been a novel, BBC miniseries and comic, but now it'll finally get a proper film treatment and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and HARD CANDY director David Slade will make that fantasy a reality. Theatrically speaking, anyway. Apparently the Weinsteins will be behind the project.

Gaiman's tale revolves around an average London chap who meets a homeless girl named Door. While his existence unravels and he's hunted by mysterious assassins, he's drawn into a parallel world filled with various historical figures, fantastical characters and random dangerous things.
Extra Tidbit: The original TV series was shot on video with the intention of then "filmizing" the footage -- a process which did not occur, thereby making the production appear cheap.
Source: MTV



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