30 Days of Night 2 gets a bloodthirsty trailer

Alright so, yeah, I know 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DARK DAYS ended up going straight to DVD, but since we've reported on it in the past, I feel the need to at least see it through to a trailer, as there are a lot of fans of the original out there.

The blonde chick from the first movie survived and is now giving lectures on how vampires exist and are shitty. She demonstrates this by turning on UV lights during her presentation which fry all the vampires in the audience. Though to be fair, you could have identified them by the fact that they were all wearing sunglasses indoors. And if a few human douchebags get killed in the process using that method? So be it.

I don’t know, losing the arctic and isolated setting of the first movie makes this not nearly as interesting. It’s just people hunting vampires in a city but without all the cool action of BLADE and UNDERWORLD. Just people trying to shoot vampires with guns that probably won’t work. It doesn’t help that the cast is rounded out by Billy Walsh and Michael from LOST.

Extra Tidbit: I could only pick one straight-to-DVD trailer to post today, and I chose this over TITANIC 2.
Source: JoBlo.com



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