30 Days sequel talk

30 Days of Night Rumors of a sequel to the David Slade directed horror thriller 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which is based on the groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, have been swirling around the internets for a little while now but now one of the film's scribes, Brian Nelson, is weighing in on it, paying special attention to Ben Foster's enigmatic and equally terrifying character "The Stranger". According to Nelson (Warning: Link contains spoilers!), "We love Ben and we love The Stranger. I'll just tantalizingly say it is possible you might see more of The Stranger in the future." So not just a sequel but a sequel in which The Stranger is back? Groovy. By all accounts, the movie is a deliciously terrifying slice of horror pie so a sequel is pretty much assured.

Extra Tidbit: The town where the story is set, Barrow, Alaska, bears very little resemblance to the actual town of Barrow, Alaska. Namely, the real Barrow has no vampires. Or do they??
Source: Reelz Channel



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