30 more Night Days?

Is the upcoming vampire twist 30 DAYS OF NIGHT satisfyingly bloody enough to justify sequel talk already?

That's the current buzz, according to a Cinemablend scooper. Josh Hartnett and Melissa George star in the flick about a small Alaskan town under siege by the fanged sun-haters during a lengthy period of non-day. The studio is apparently so excited about the early response to their snowy bloodsucker tale that they're already tossing around the notion of revisiting the chilly killers (the movie doesn't rise until October 19th).

One thing's for sure: Sony and Sam Raimi's Ghost House company have plenty of source material to draw upon. Writer Steve Niles' original comic tale has since seen a sequel in the series DARK DAYS, featuring a hunt for the vampire clan in Los Angeles, plus a number of other spinoffs and side-stories that even found them in space.
Extra Tidbit: This marks Ben Foster's third appearance in a comic book adaptation -- he played pierced neighbor Dave in THE PUNISHER and Angel in X-MEN 3.
Source: Cinemablend



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