300 hits Imax

As you might expect, Warner Bros. is releasing their upcoming adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 in beautiful Imax. The Imax version of 300 will open simultaneously with the theatrical version on March 9th. Warner Bros. and Imax will digitally remaster the film for the gigantic screens. 300 in Imax will be shown in 40 theaters here in the US and 15 internationally. A 3-D version of 300 in Imax would be absolutely killer but hopefully we'll still get that somewhere down the line. Seriously though, has there ever been a film more suited for Imax than 300? With all the rich colors, vibrant visuals and insane sound work? Who doesn't want to hear Gerard Butler bellow, "Tonight, we dine in HELL!" in an Imax theater? 300 will be the first theatrical film released by Imax this year (but will hardly be the last). Expect future announcements on SPIDER-MAN 3, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and (hopefully) TRANSFORMERS.

Extra Tidbit: Imax theaters feature screens eight stories high and wrap-around digital surround sound.
Source: Warner Bros.



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