Alien DVD covers

The 9-disc ALIEN QUADRILOGY dvd set came out today, and if you didn\'t read our review of it yet, click on over to the Arrow\'s two-parter which you can check out here and here. For those who don\'t want to shell out the big bucks for all of the films though (let\'s admit it, the two last installments weren\'t all that), Fox Home Video is releasing all 4 movies separately as SPECIAL EDITIONS on January 6, 2004. That\'s right, buy only those in which Sigourney Weaver walks around in tight undies or not. You can pre-order any of them over at Amazon.com right now (click on pics below). I also found these ultra-cool covers of the SE\'s over at DigitalBits.com.

And if you really love the ALIEN flicks and haven\'t checked out their official ALIEN QUADRILOGY WEBSITE, take a minute to roam on over there and see all the wonderful black and green designs, read all of the neat info and check out all of the photo galleries, trailers, downloads and other goodies. Now get Ridley Scott, James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver in a room and bang out ALIEN 5 already!!

Source: DigitalBits.com
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