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Director Brett Sullivan's sequel to the cult werewolf flick GINGER SNAPS is ready for a January 23, 2004 release in it's home country of Canada. The U.S. hasn't set any date yet. The official title, GINGER SNAPS II: UNLEASHED, will be the first of two follow-ups to the original blood-fest which focused on troubles surrounding teenage girls dealing with their first period and becoming a werewolf. Man, talk about a bad week. The second sequel, unofficially entitled GINGER SNAPS  BACK, has already been filmed and is actually a prequel to the original. Early indications are for a late April, 2004 release. Tons of info on all three films can be found here

If Wes Craven doesn't get his ass in gear soon with CURSED, movie fans are going to be done with the werewolf genre. Along with these titles, the sequel to the direct to video hit DOG SOLDIERS, known now as DOG SOLDIERS: RAW MEAT is also looking for a 2004 release. What horror craze is Craven going to reinvent then? I vote for giant killer vegetables, that's always a winner.

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