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Warner Bros cock-blocks their DVDs on Netflix


28 days later. Not just a London filled with bloodthirsty virus victims, but also how long you'll have to wait for Warner Bros. movie to be available for DVD rental.

If you're the type of person who schedules your Netflix returns on Saturday in the hopes of snagging the following Tuesday's new releases, the red envelope won't be arriving with anything from WB.

The studio has instituted a four-week window before their movies will hit the popular click-rental company in an attempt to slow the bleeding of the DVD business (the companies have been negotiating an agreement since August). Until then, their movies will only be available for purchase, VOD, legal download and rental at Blockbuster, which I actually didn't realize still existed.

Ironically, this news arrived shortly before WB's celebratory press release that THE HANGOVER is the #1 comedy DVD of all time "with combined consumer and rental sales topping 8.6 million units with 1.5 million units coming from Blu-ray purchases."

Extra Tidbit: Sweet shiny saucers, I've been a Netflix member for nearly 12 years!
Source: LA Times



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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