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Snowstorms can't stop Samurai

A traditionally slow box-office weekend was made that much lighter with a massive East Coast snowstorm keeping many people away from the latest films and leading to some of the biggest one-week drops of the entire year (THE CAT IN THE HAT dropped 70% from its take last week) That said, Tom Cruise's THE LAST SAMURAI still managed to scratch out a decent $24.4 million, which was enough to earn him the #1 spot atop the money list this week. It was actually Cruise's weakest opening since 1999's EYES WIDE SHUT, but I predict that the film will continue to draw in big audiences through the Christmas holidays, with word of mouth and Tom's puffy hair doing the trick. In second spot was one of the signs of the apocalypse with hottie Jessica Alba starring as a dancer wannabe in HONEY.

Critics were less than kind to this new film ("It really is the dumbest thing that you will ever see in your life"-- Peter Sobczynski), but it's obviously one of those films not made for 50-year old white males, so it still managed to get some teens into the chairs over the weekend. TIMELINE was the big loser from the movies that opened last week, taking one weekend to drop out of the top 10. BAD SANTA continues to be the surprise hit of the holiday season and if Miramax continues to hype the film throughout the next few weeks, who knows how much it can make (I'm seeing it again next weekend as well-- I might've been too harsh on it the first time around). You can see the rest of the figures below and start betting on who you think might take away SAMURAI's top spot next week as LOVE DON'T COST A THING, Nicholson's SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE and the Farrelly Brothers' STUCK ON YOU all pounce into theaters.

 1. The Last Samurai  $  24.4 Million/ New
 2. Honey  $  14.0 Million/ New
 3. The Haunted Mansion  $   9.5 Million/ $46.1 Million
 4. Elf  $   8.1 Million/  $139.6 Million
 5. The Cat in the Hat  $   7.3 Million/  $85.5 Million
 6. Bad Santa  $   7.1 Million/  $27.2 Million
 7. Gothika  $   5.3 Million/  $49.6 Million
 8. The Missing  $   4.4 Million/  $22.2 Million
 9. Master and Commander  $   3.8 Million/  $72.6 Million
 10. Love Actually  $   3.7 Million/  $48.9 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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