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Just when I was starting to wonder where Finnish Flash director Renny Harlin had disappeared to, we get a trailer for a film entitled MINDHUNTERS, starring a slew of "name actors" directed by the man himself. Harlin's resume is a little uneven with fun rides like DIE HARD 2, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, CLIFFHANGER and DEEP BLUE SEA, being tainted by stuff like CUTTHROAT ISLAND and DRIVEN. This new film can go either way. It can turn out to be pretty badass, or it can turn out to be, well...simply bad. Check out some of the screenshots from its trailer below. Harlin is currently the man re-shooting the 4th EXORCIST film, after the studio unceremoniously booted the original director, Paul Schrader, off the project.

Four other NEW MOVIE TRAILERS were also added to the site today including Bernardo Bertolucci's long-awaited THE DREAMERS, starring Michael Pitt in full 'DiCaprio' mode. The film seems to be about lots of sex and threesomes. Thumbs up from this clown! You can also check out the full blown trailer to BARBERSHOP 2, as well as DMX's latest foray into the world of cinema entitled NEVER DIE ALONE. Lastly, a documentary about two British guys who decided to climb the unconquered west face of Siula Grande, a remote 21,000 foot peak in the Peruvian Andes, and who needless to say, fell upon one disaster after another, including one of them breaking his leg yet being forced to climb down the freezing mountain anyway. Looks interesting. The documentary is called TOUCHING THE VOID and is set for limited release on January 23, 2004.

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