3:10 to poster

I haven't been in love with a Western since I saw TOMBSTONE, so generally, I don't get all that excited about them. But sweet Moses, I can't wait to see the 3:10 TO YUMA remake. The trailer that we saw a while back was bananas and new we get this bad-ass poster, which is actually, in my opinion, one of the best I've ever seen. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe star in the flick, which follows infamous outlaw Ben Wade (Crowe) as he is captured and in need of delivery to trial. Civil War vet, Dan Evans (Bale) volunteers to deliver him to the "3:10 to Yuma", a train that will take the killer to trial. Thing is though, Wade's crew are out to spring him loose.

From the looks of the trailer, Ben Foster co-stars in pretty much the same role that he always plays: a psychopath. Good thing is, though, homeboy always seems to nail it.

Extra Tidbit: This is director James Mangold's follow-up to WALK THE LINE.
Source: ComingSoon



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