3:10 To Yuma trailer

I love a good Western, so I was a little disappointed when a remake of the classic 3:10 TO YUMA was announced, since most remakes get contemporized and lose their original tone and quality. But not in this case, apparently.

Director James Mangold (COPLAND, WALK THE LINE) has opted to keep his version firmly in the Old West, and brought a killer cast to redo the Glenn Ford/Van Heflin physical and psychological showdown. Russell Crowe is the outlaw now scheduled to be hung for his dastardly crimes, and Christian Bale plays the rancher who agrees to transport him. But while they wait for that train of the title, Crowe's gunslinging gang arrives to recover him, resulting in lots of shooting and general chaos.

And frankly, it looks pretty great - Crowe seems deliciously devious. Ben Foster, Peter Fonda, Alan Tudyk, Gretchen Mol and one of the Tremor Brothers are also saddled up and ready to slap leather, check out the trailer RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: Crowe played an outlaw-turned-preacher in Sam Raimi's underappreciated Western THE QUICK AND THE DEAD.
Source: Yahoo



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