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Garfield: The Trailer


Remember how cool, sarcastic, bitter and all-around lazy your favorite fat cat GARFIELD was in his long-running comic strip? Well, on Friday we got to take a peek at the first look of the famous fat cat (no relation to Harvey Weinstein) on film, and allow me to say that it was highly disappointing. Why is Garfield dancing around, for one? Why is Odie the dog, real, and Garfield, CGI? Why is Jennifer Love Hewitt, the woman with the hottest bod this side of Eva Mendes, dressed to the chin in doctor's gear and looking nerdy? But most of of all, why does the teaser trailer just plain suck with little of interest, lots of over-the-top kid's stuff and a 'so-so' looking computer generated cat that doesn't look like he can hold a candle to the original comic strip pussy?

Thumbs down on this one. As for Bill Murray voicing the fussy feline, I barely heard him in the entire trailer, so I can't give you my opinion on that, one way or the other. The only good thing about this teaser trailer is just that: it's a teaser trailer meant only to provide you with a general idea of what the movie might be like. I'm willing to wait until I see more of this film before writing it off completely. It opens on June 18, 2004. Check it out for yourself below and keep checking into our TRAILERS ARCHIVES for future updates:


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