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Return to Sleepaway Camp!


It would have been just another slasher flick. Blood still would have been spilled, camp counselors would still be dead, but I'm confident in saying that SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983) would have been lost in that gigantic pile of clichéd eighties horror films had it not been for arguably, one of the greatest endings of all time. True fans of the series know what I'm talking about. Their loyalty throughout the years helped spawn two sequels (88,89) and one hell of a sweet DVD boxed set. If you've never seen this flick don't worry, I'll try my hardest not to spoil the secret, but you've got to promise to go out and rent this gem and get caught up to date because it's time to RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Filming is done, editing has started, and yes, Angela is back (and pretty damn hot). Felissa Rose returns to the role that, throughout the eighties, had her on the same level of serial killer popularity with Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Along with director, Robert Hiltzik, other returning cast members include Jonathan Tiersten as Ricky and Paul DeAngelo as Camp Director Ronnie. There's even some new faces on board including Vinny Pastore from The Sopranos, South Park's one and only Chef, Isaac Hayes and a cameo from the band CKY. RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP can be largely credited to one Jeff Hayes who runs the official website and organized The SLEEPAWAY CAMP reunion that took place at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors 2001 convention in New York which proved to be a huge stepping stone for the new flick. Basically, Hayes is the biggest SLEEPAWAY CAMP fan on the face of the planet and it's paid off big time. Aside from doing commentary on the DVD he is now listed as an co-producer on RETURN. Recently, he sat down with Horror.com to discuss the new film.

RETURN feels a lot like the original SLEEPAWAY, except on a bigger scale. In fact, it is designed a lot like the first SLEEPAWAY in a lot of ways. First of all, it is a direct sequel to the original SLEEPAWAY and does not follow the events of Part 2 and 3. Not that 2 and 3 weren't great fun, it's just that Robert wanted to take the series back to it's roots and continue with the original nature of the original story. RETURN is another fun who-done-it with extremely innovative murders wrapped around a story of kids tormenting each other and having a blast at summer camp.

The advantage of being the webmaster of a site dedicated to the film you're helping produce is access to set information, and SleepawayCampMovies.com gives you plenty to look at. Click on any of the pictures below to visit the site and read all of Jeff's updates, a tribute from CKY (below with Felissa), and anything else you ever wanted to know about the SLEEPAWAY CAMP franchise.


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