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Jack + sunglasses = number 1

Three out of this week's new releases finished in the top 4 of this weekend's box-office estimates with Jack Nicholson and Diana Keaton's comedy romp SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE taking hold of the top spot from last week's number one, THE LAST SAMURAI, which managed to hang on to second place nonetheless. The Farrelly brothers' STUCK ON YOU opened decently with about $10 million, enough to cover third place, while the lame LOVE DON'T CO$T A THING (Note to studios: I will personally never review any film that uses a dollar sign as a "S" in its title) managed to scrape six and a half million from teenagers' pockets. The rest of the top 10 wasn't very surprising, although it was strange to see Ron Howard's THE MISSING gone from the top 10 after only three weeks.

THE CAT IN THE HAT also appears to have lost its opening week thunder, with a possibility of not even reaching the basic $100 million plateau for any major Thanksgiving day release (it stands at $91M now). ELF and BAD SANTA both seem to be continuing to enthuse audiences, with BAD SANTA, particularly surprising everyone with the lowest average drop in the entire list. Go Billy f*ckin' Bob! On Wednesday, the final chapter in the LORD OF THE RINGS saga is going to be hitting theaters with THE RETURN OF THE KING, while counter-programmers will be sending Julia Roberts and her pearly whites out to challenge the hobbits on Friday and MONA LISA SMILE. The holiday movie season is in full swing, folks...

 1. Something's Gotta Give  $  17.0 Million/ New
 2. The Last Samurai  $  14.1 Million/ $ 46.8 Million
 3. Stuck on You  $  10.0 Million/ New
 4. Love Don't Cost a Thing  $   6.5 Million/  New
 5. The Haunted Mansion  $   6.3 Million/ $ 53.9 Million
 6. Bad Santa  $   6.2 Million/ $ 35.9 Million
 7. Elf  $   6.2 Million/ $147.7 Million
 8. Honey  $   5.1 Million/ $ 20.0 Million
 9. The Cat in the Hat  $   4.2 Million/ $ 90.8 Million
 10. Gothika  $   2.7 Million/ $ 53.9 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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