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Carrell talks Anchorman


In the past year there have been two movie scenes that literally had me crying so hard, I missed much of what happened immediately following them on the screen. By crying, I don't mean in the "little bitch" way, I was actually laughing so hard my face exploded with tiny drops of happiness. The first was Will Ferrell's reaction to shooting himself in the neck with an animal tranquilizer at a child's birthday party in OLD SCHOOL. When Frank "The Tank" rises in slow motion and storms through the sea of little brats, palming the face of one of them, to get to a destination unknown and then falls over a table into the pool, I let out a knob full of piss. I bought the DVD and must have watched this scene a hundred times in a row. It's not getting old. The second had to be when Jim Carrey, using the power of God, takes over Steve Carrell's voice as he's doing a news update in BRUCE ALMIGHTY. I was already on the border of passing out when, to cap things off, Carrell wraps up his story by giggling like a school girl. Priceless. So, it should be no surprise to anyone that I'm dying to see ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY which stars both Ferrell and Carrell. Even that sounds funny. Zap2it.com caught up with Steve and talked about his new role.

"I play a guy named Brick Tamland, as in 'thick as a brick,......He's a very stupid weatherman working in San Diego in the early 1970s. I'm part of Will Ferrell's news team. We're all essentially idiots. I only want to play newsmen, only, for the rest of my career,"

As for his thoughts on Frank "The Tank",

"one of the nicest guys, truly, that I've ever met. With him on set ... you're going to laugh until you cry every day."

Tell me about it Steve. I'm going to need a hanky and a change of underpants for this frickin' flick. Click the link above to visit the site and read the whole interview. ANCHORMAN opens in July, 2004. Afterwards the two actors will reunite on screen in the untitled Woody Allen project that started filming in September.

Source: Zap2it
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