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First, from CHUD comes this........thing. Take it for what you will but somebody sent this to them claiming it to be the new logo of CATWOMAN. Superhero Hype later received an update stating that is not the actual logo but a symbol for the character. Huh? It's also supposed to be the "O" in the full CATWOMAN logo. Did you get all that? Is it supposed to be a cats eye or something else? Something much dirtier. Click the image below for a bigger view.

Next up, from ComingSoon, is news that Marvel intends to release THE FANTASTIC FOUR on July 1st, 2005. Not too exciting I know but when you throw in the fact that the other two movies that are supposed to open on that very same date are INDIANA JONES 4 and BATMAN: INTIMIDATION well, we've got ourselves one hell of a weekend planned.

And finally, Superhero Hype got wind of this new poster for Marvel and Dimension's WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. The comic and movie focuses on a man that turns into a werewolf and falls for the bitch trying to kill him. Click the picture for a bigger, uh....picture.

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