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Studio disses JoBlo?


I've always wanted to do this. Remember how the characters of Jay and Silent Bob went around from house to house at the end of JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK and kicked the asses of many of the runts who dissed them through the anonymity, and apparent unretaliatory nature, of the Internet? Well, it's my turn! Despite getting a much less venomous reception from LOTR fans than last year (click here to read some of the emails that I received back then), I still managed to unintentionally rile up a few fans of the series this year, apparently because I didn't think the film was a masterpiece. Note: I actually LIKED the film...in fact, I gave it a 6/10, but many STILL felt that apparently wasn't good enough and felt the need to insult me in order to best make their point. Funniest among the few emails that I received this time around (although the majority of fans are cool and even propped me for always being honest and true) was an actual employee over at di Bonaventura Pictures on the Paramount lot named Aaron Bauer, who felt the need to write in and simply offer these constructive words in respect to my review of said film:

"Your review of ROTK was dumb."

Note the insight. Note the breakdown of the characters and the plot devices used to communicate his love for the film. Note his well-formed arguments to debate the points made in my own review.

Now while he didn't offer much else in terms of constructive criticism, it's likely that Aaron's top-notch communication skills will net him a spot on our JoBlo.com review team very soon (our agents are currently negotiating a deal) Future reviews from him are sure to include such insightful bits as "Paycheck was the bomb", "Cold Mountain was ayight" and "Cheaper by the Dozen sucked". Now I'm not sure if emailing critics and insulting their reviews is part of di Bonaventura Pictures or Paramount's slick marketing game, but this dude appears to be ahead of his time and might even encourage others to do the same. I'm not sure if insulting someone who doesn't agree with you on anything is the best way to go in terms of anything in your life, but I guess that's a decision we each make every day (damn, I'm starting to sound like Dr. Phil) Incidentally, despite me not giving ROTK a 10/10, the film seems to be doing fine without me (hehehe), smashing box-office records left and right, with over $34 million earned on its opening day alone (beating THE PHANTOM MENACE's previous record of $28.5 million) Go PJ!! 

"Why JoBlo...why are you so "dumb" as not to have the same, exact opinion as Aaron Bauer? He knows all...know you not?"

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