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A little while ago we told you about the slick new site for DIAMOND DEAD, the new collaboration of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW composer Richard Hartley and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD icon George Romero (click here to read). As things inch closer to production the makers seem to be sticking to their promise of giving us "rare access" of how things are going with the film. I personally love the fact that you can go and read excerpts from the first draft of the script written by Brian Cooper and then see what Romero had to offer about it. He starts off by saying it was "an absolute bundle of trash" and hints that his daughter didn't like it. Can you even begin to imagine what George Romero's daughter is like? No, you can't. You can then read George's first and second re-writes with the producer's 12(!) pages of suggestions sandwiched in between. Take that George. As far as the cast goes, there are no secrets. The site has just posted the letters written by Romero himself trying to lure what seem to be his first picks for the lead roles. They are addressed to David Bowie regarding the character of Death , Johnny Depp regarding the character of Dr. D or Mathias, and Alison Lohman for the role of Aria. Below is a bit from the letter to Alison.

 Dear Ms. Lohman,

I am enclosing a copy of the script, DIAMOND DEAD by Brian Cooper. I am a huge admirer of your work and heard that you are a great singer....I will be directing and have just completed a rewrite, which I feel is very close to what we want the film to be. It lampoons everything from the music business to organized religion, the federal government and the blind adoration of crazed and insatiable fandom.....We would be thrilled if you would consider appearing in the film as Aria. You are the first actor to see this script. We hope to cast the likes of Johnny Depp, David Bowie or Sir Ian McKellen. We expect to shoot around March next year, possibly in England.

An earlier letter to Ian McKellen written by producer Andrew Gaty is also posted. There's no word if any of these stars has signed up but you've got to admit it takes balls to make information like this public. Especially if they end up with no-name actors and a shitty movie. Click the link up top to read all the letters and be sure to check out the limited edition wallpapers too.

Source: DiamondDead.com
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