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Look Gandalf...we're still no. 1!

Okay, so I was too lazy to change the picture from last week, but seeing as the juggernaut that is THE LORD OF THE RINGS and its  latest installment, THE RETURN OF THE KING, is still chugging along on a grand scale, why change anything when everything is going just right...right? KING has already made $223.7 million in the first 12 days of its release, which is exactly 12% more than THE TWO TOWERS had made to this point last year. Go Gandalf, go Gandalf, go! As for the rest of the pack, it was pretty sure that with 4 new movies opening during X-Mas, a couple of them would falter and it appears as though PETER PAN is the big loser this time around. Considering that the film apparently cost $100 million to make, had no real marketable stars and most importantly, was rejuvenating a story that we'd already seen a MILLION TIMES before, it was no surprise (at least, not to me) that it opened in a weak 7th spot with a little over $10 million to show for its troubles.

PAYCHECK also disappointed but considering its dismal reviews (likely some of the worst in John Woo's career), that wasn't so much of a surprise. What was somewhat surprising was the monster success of the generic-looking family picture CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (yup, yet another remake), that actually managed to scrounge up close to $30 million on its first weekend alone! I guess it made perfect sense to release it during the holidays though...smart move on Fox's part. As for the rest of the movies, COLD MOUNTAIN opened decently, but considering that it was Miramax's most expensive movie ever made (close to $80M), I'm not exactly sure if it will make all of its money back domestically. THE LAST SAMURAI is also disappointing somewhat, and might finally end Tom Cruise's $100 million streak, a streak that actually remained intact with the horribly reviewed VANILLA SKY (great movie!) Next week sees the addition of...well, nothing to the box-office. More holidays, more of the same movies, more closed offices, more video-store rentals and more money for ELF and BAD SANTA. Joy to the world, la-la-la-la...

 1. Return of the King  $  51.2 Million/ $ 223.7 Million
 2. Cheaper by the Dozen  $  28.2 Million/ New
 3. Cold Mountain  $  14.5 Million/ New
 4. Something's Gotta Give  $  14.2 Million/ $ 56.4 Million
 5. Paycheck  $  13.9 Million/ New
 6. Mona Lisa Smile  $  11.5 Million/ $ 31.5 Million
 7. Peter Pan  $  11.4 Million/ New
 8. The Last Samurai  $   8.4 Million/ $ 74.4 Million
 9. Bad Santa  $   4.5 Million/ $ 50.9 Million
 10. Elf  $   4.3 Million/ $ 164.9 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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