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We're not of the habit of getting all mushy on our site, but the passing of the last 365 days of our respective lives is always something interesting to look back on, and wonder and question and salute. Before anything, we at JoBlo.com want to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON who visits our site, especially all of our day-to-day folks, for giving us the support and love to do what we will continue to do every single day of next year. We wish you all the very, merriest, happiest, healthiest, wealthiest days of your lives.

On a personal front, 2003 was a transition period for me, and a good one at that. I got rid of the old, brought in the new and strengthened my affirmation and direction in life. I was forced back into the "dating world" and made the best out of that as well. Cha-chink. I worked as hard, if not harder, than any other year of my life and the results are finally starting to show up on the scorecards. The next year will bring a number of interesting new "adult" themes into my personal life (no, I'm not talking about porno-- that's been there for a while) and I think that I'm just about ready to allow my "adult" self to move in with my adolescent self...or am I? (I should write a screenplay about that...I sound like Charlie Kaufman) All that to say that I'm looking forward to 2004 with nervous anticipation and energetic enthusiasm. The unknown is always a groovy place to go... Our very own Arrow also counted down his roller-coaster times during 2003, and you can check those out right here.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the great folks that HELP ME make this site what is has become after 6 F*CKIN' YEARS on the Net. Mike Sampson, our senior news editor, has got to be one of the hardest working men in show-business, who on top of delivering awesome daily news bits to our readers, holds down a 9-to-5 job in the meantime, is married and recently had TWO KIDS!! How he does it to keep up with everything is a trademark that I admire greatly. John Fallon, aka the Arrow, is my best friend with a work ethic to which I can only hope but to compare my own. A renaissance man who gets about two hours of sleep every night and writes screenplays, produces, is about to direct his first full-length feature, loves the ladies, loves to party, but always takes the time to keep up with his awesome horror site (the #1 horror review site on the Net, incidentally) and continue his warpath to the greatest of all successes.

Bob Menard was our new man on the block, but a man who was able to keep up with the Jones' and then some. He helped us strengthen the news core with awesome updates, humor and love of movies. Jim Law has followed in his footsteps and doing a great job as well. If his debut article featuring the top 10 most memorable gratuitous nudity moments in movies didn't win you over, nothing will. Indiana Sev took his charms to another level this year with an emphasis on dvd reviews, his usual trivia quizzes and his odd columns. His review of the Paris Hilton video was definitely one of the highlights (or low-lights) of the site in the past year. The Shootin' Surgeon, the man behind the majority of our DVD Clinic's DVD reviews is a man who likes his movies, almost as much as he does his cold beer and hockey, and who can argue with that? I'm a fan of the Surgeon because he doesn't mind telling it just like it is, which most of the time, is that the movie sucks dog-snizzle (except the LOTR flicks, which he's naming his kids after). JaneBlo has also been kind enough to lend her feminine view to our site every now and again (I thought that was my job?) and has always been nice enough to do so.

Our movie discussion board has also turned into one of the most respectful movie hang-outs on the Net, thanks to our no-nonsense rules concerning RESPECT among speakers (yeah, if you're gonna come into my house and tell me to f*ck off, guess what...I'm kickin' you outta my house, asshole!!!) and the amazing bunch of forums moderators who take time out of their busy schedules to support the site and make sure that everyone is playing nice in our constructive environment. No one's gonna f*ck Jay & Silent Bob in the ass on our board!!

Our studio reps also have to be thanked, especially those who have been with us from the start like New Line Cinema, Warner Bros and Lions Gate Films, as well as Dreamworks, Disney, Fox and Sony/Columbia who have come on board running of late. Most of the major studios now realize that the Internet is an actual viable media vehicle that most people use in their every day lives (who knew??) and it's nice to see them providing our readers with all of the latest scoops, news, information and access to the talent. I personally believe that it's just a matter of time before the Internet takes over the importance of such media as newspapers and radio (laugh now), and it'll be interesting to see how everyone will work in that environment. And by the way, we WILL REMEMBER those studios/people who are ignoring us now...oh yes, we will. "I'm coming for you, Murdoch!"

We also want to thank all of the actual talent and movers/shakers (actors, directors, producers...) who have lent us their time and support over the past year, in one form, to transmit and propagate all the required information on their respective projects to our site's readers, but in another form, to take the time to write, call or email us with their props on our site's success and their genuine behind-the-scenes friendship and support in doing so. There ain't too many cooler parts about this gig then actually going back and forth with a person whom you greatly admire who's in the middle of a movie shoot, but takes time to write you...like a regular JoBlo... :)

Lastly, there are dozens of behind-the-scenes folks who have helped me in the operation of this site over the year including the day-to-day delivery folks, shipping and delivering goodies to our doorsteps every day, my accountant, without whom I'd be splurging $5000 on hookers in Vegas, as opposed to the more reasonable $2000 on hookers in Vegas, my book publisher over at Quiet Storm Publishing, who did their best to get the word out on the JoBlo.com book, the technical guys who keep the show running over here and lots of other hot movies sites, you know them, you love them and they offer some awesome customer support, Nexcess.net, as well as our ad brokers, Gorilla Nation, without whom we'd be forced to start cold-calling advertisers ourselves and pimp ourselves out to the highest bidders in order to pay our f*ckin' psycho-high bills month to month and our top affiliate partners like Moviegoods.com, Amazon.com, Allposters.com and many more. Thanks guys! ("Help me, help you...help me, help you!!") Wow, this is starting to sound like one of the longest, boringest Oscar acceptance speeches of all-time, right?? Well, f*ck me...chances are quite slim that I'm ever gonna win one of those, so cut me some slack, jack! Oh, and I also want to thank God.... :)

But most of all, we want to thank YOU for continuing to support and visit our site day to day, to email us with your concerns, your movie scoops, your praise or moanings about the site and our work. No one is getting rich off this shite, in fact, we were all basically just working to pay the bills over the past couple of years, so it's to note that we continue to do all of this because we LOVE MOVIES and appreciate the fact that our site has become popular enough to attract over 50,000 people every single day and we're honored to continue doing so into the New Year and hope to see you all back then as well. We ain't corporate yet, folks...JoBlo.com HQ is still down and dirty in my parents' garage, so if you want to hear shit straight from movie fans' point of view, keep us on your daily dial. And yes, tell your friends...we won't bite. Happy 2004 everybody...a drink to all my friends!!!

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