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JoBlo's Top 10 of 2003


JoBlo's TOP 10 of 2003
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I wouldn't consider 2003 to be either one of the best or worst movie years of all-time, but it wasn't a particularly memorable one, other than the fact that it was stained by dozens upon dozens of sequels, unoriginal screenplays featuring remakes, TV shows, reality crap and the like. I've made it a habit to skip watching certain movies because I have more important things to do with my time working on this site, and 2003 was the year in which I remember playing hooky on the most, so I guess that should say something. That said, all of the films mentioned below were awesome and worthy of end of the year praise. If interested in my previous year picks, click on the above links or click here to see my entire roster of 2003 reviews:

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(alphabetical order)
21 Grams / May / My Life Without Me / The Shape of Things / Shattered Glass / Spun / Swimming Pool / XX/XY


"The film is also able to balance three subplots at the same time, starting off as a character study of a man with psychological issues, downshifting into a straightforward con flick and ultimately mixing in a little "father knows best". Great chemistry between Cage and Lohman helped concretize the latter angle, as well as the adorable factor in Lohman's case and the neurotically charming factor in Cage's." Watch this movie and imagine Lohman's character as a young Alabama Worley from TRUE ROMANCE and have a blast. Directed by Ridley Scott to boot.


"T3 gave me everything I wanted in a summer movie...and more!! What do I mean by "more"? Well, let's start with what I would expect from a great summer flick: action, fun, exhilaration, thrills, chills, humor, explosions, big-ass fights, cool-ass chases...and heck, even a little T&A for the kids. This film packs all of that into its tight 100-minute frame and kicks everything up a notch..." Oh and did I mention the lovely Kristanna Loken as the kickass Terminatrix kicking ass? A thoroughly entertaining movie.


"For major movie fans like myself, especially those who appreciate a rousing barroom samurai brawl with the best of them, you really can't ask for much more than Uma Thurman, dressed in Bruce Lee yellow, brandishing a vengeful blade of steel and chopping through her Asian nemeses like Bloody Mary celery sticks....fun, inventive, exciting, ballsy, violent, entertaining, stylized and brilliant." I'm all for girl-power and this film gives you that...and then some! If you're not looking forward to Volume II from now, you probably don't like movies... :)


"A very cool movie with intense atmosphere, a fascinating mystery, plenty of diverse and engaging characters, creepilicious style, a couple of "what the-" moments, twists and an ending that personally, took me for a loop." I'm disappointed not to see this great film on more "best of the year" lists, most likely because it was released so early on. The best thriller/mind-f*ck of the year.


"This is a leisurely paced, intense, gloomy but ultimately, fulfilling motion picture. I don't remember the last time that I got so involved in a movie and its characters. Great job by everyone involved." This film didn't seem to have "worked" for as many people as critics, but I REALLY got into its characters, its grief, its acting, its score and its denouement. It completely engulfed me inside the world of its characters and riddled me, emotionally.


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