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Cruise as Iron Man?


Because the world needs more superhero movies, Tom Cruise has once again expressed his interest in playing the lead role in IRON MAN, a character that was also being looked at by Nicholas Cage. In the new issue of Empire Magazine, Cruise says he's still trying to work out a deal to portray billionaire Tony Stark who must wear an iron chest plate in order to protect his heart from a piece of shrapnel that he received in an explosion during battle in Vietnam. Stark likes his new duds so much that he builds an entire suit so his new found enjoyment of ass kicking is that much easier. Did I mention he's a drunk too? Here's what Tommy Boy has to say.

“He’s a fascinating character, but we’ve got to figure out how it’s going to work. And everyone is doing a Marvel character these days. How do we make that new, create something fresh where it doesn’t feel like, ‘Oh, here comes another superhero story’?”

According to Cinescape a representative from Marvel Films has alluded to not using the familiar red and gold suit that you see up top. Let me guess, they want a "much darker" version of the comic book. When is Hollywood going to learn that "much darker" means "much shittier" when it comes to messing around with icons of the comic book universe? The main reason these films are getting screen consideration is because of their popularity within loyal readers. Why take what they love and change it?

Source: Empire Online
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