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DaVinci Code casting?


It looks like Ron Howard might be going back to some Oscar winning basics to help him get THE DA VINCI CODE into theatres. Word is that Ronny has already got the writer of A BEAUTIFUL MIND, Akiva Goldsman, adapting the book and is leaning towards Russel Crowe for the lead. This would be the third pairing for Howard and Crowe after MIND and CINDERELLA MAN which co-stars Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti and is due out next Christmas. THE DA VINCI CODE would be based on Dan Brown's best selling novel of the same name which had a dominating 2003 due to it's nail biting thrills and religious controversy. The female lead is also being looked at for little Miss Ass Kicker, Kate Beckinsale who we can next drool over in VAN HELSING on May 7th with Hugh Jackman. CinemaEye calls these rumors unconfirmed but has faith in a reliable source.  Here's the outline of the novel from Amazon.com:

A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a high-ranking agent of this ancient society who, in the moments before his death, manages to leave gruesome clues at the scene that only his daughter, noted cryptographer Sophie Neveu, and Robert Langdon, a famed symbologist, can untangle. The duo become both suspects and detectives searching for not only Neveu's father's murderer but also the stunning secret of the ages he was charged to protect. Mere steps ahead of the authorities and the deadly competition, the mystery leads Neveu and Langdon on a breathless flight through France, England, and history itself.


Source: CinemaEye
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