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The Experiment gets a trailer, and is heading straight to DVD?


The first trailer for Paul Scheuring’s THE EXPERIMENT remake is finally online, and with it comes one big new question.

This is going straight to DVD?

So says the last few seconds of the trailer at least. I’ve been following this project for a long while now, and this is the first I’ve heard to indicate that’s what happening with this movie, which has two Oscar winners as its leads (Forest Whitaker and Adrien Brody) along with a solid supporting cast of Clifton Collins Jr, Cam Gigandet and Maggie Grace.

That being said, I don’t think the trailer looks terribly good, and say, if had never heard of Brody of Whitaker before, I might agree with the straight-to-DVD claim at the end there.

I’m looking for more details on this to confirm or deny. In the meantime, what do you guys think of the trailer?

Extra Tidbit: Forrest Whitaker needs a scarier haircut.
Source: JoBlo.com



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