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Hobbit helms FF?


I can remember when he was a GOONIE, I still get a lump in my throat when I think back to that last scene in RUDY, and I realize he went on that weird diet for THE LORD OF THE RINGS movies so he could lose two feet from his height and grow hair on his feet, but since when is Sean Astin a big time movie director? Take this for what you will friends. Our friend Gelogurte was kind enough to drop us a line about his new scoop at Agalaxia.com. The story is about an article from the Brazilian movie magazine Set, where it is reported that Astin is in the running to direct THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Apparently, all this attention he's getting is because of his short movie included with THE TWO TOWERS DVD called The Long and Short of it. He's also helped out with the television show Jeremiah. Check out this exchange from the interview.

SET: You've got some pretty heavy competition ahead of you. I heard Steven Soderbergh is interested and that he was offered the job by the studio specially because he could bring George Clooney as Reed Richards.
SEAN: Yeah but I'm a friend of George Clooney too (laughs). I think he would make a perfect Reed Richards.

SET: And who would be your Human Torch?
SEAN: Oh, he's right over there. Orlando Bloom.

Is that right? There were reports lately of the fat little Hobbit buying an unusual amount of FANTASTIC FOUR comic books. There were also reports of me buying an unusual amount of blow-up sheep dolls. Both stories lead to the same thing, somebody's getting f*cked with.

Source: Agalaxia
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