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More Superhero pics!


Superhero Hype has scored some more pictures from the new Entertainment Weekly and in the process made me realize something I would have never expected. Halle Berry has no ass! I shit you not folks, look at the picture of her as CATWOMAN below. After you finish giggling about the beanie on her head and the arm-socks, try and point out her pooper. I really hope this image is playing tricks on my eyes and her ass is actually pressed up against some sort of glass wall. Maybe this is the stunt ass! Halle is one of the hottest women in the world but if what I see before me is true, she's going to have to drop a few spots due to lack of trunk junkage. Click the back of her training bra to see a bigger (flatter) shot and a couple more new pics.

One of the other new pictures comes from THE INCREDIBLES, Pixar and Disney's upcoming attempt at ruling the box office again. This is Mr. Incredible and he is voiced by Craig T. Nelson who, the last time I checked, still has his ass. Click the hell out of the image below to get a bigger version.

And finally, the new SPIDER-MAN 2 pictures that we told you about here, have been updated to better quality. Click on the web-head below to check them out.

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