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Sundance FF: Day 2


I (JoBlo) wasn't able to get my ass up to Park City this freezing winter, but was lucky enough to receive an offer for coverage from friend of the site, Scott Weinberg, who will let us all know what the shit's going on up there. Read DAY 1 here. Here's DAY 2...

DAY 2:

The first Saturday of Sundance is generally swamped with throngs of impressive, well-dressed, and often quite snooty people. (Of course you can always find some nice folks, especially the many Sundance volunteers scattered about. These guys and gals, quite simply, rock.) The most prevalent buzz around the block today was the arrival of Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, and her boyfriend Nick Carter (yes, that Nick Carter. Ugh.) Ashton Kutcher was also out and about and all ready to celebrate the screening of his Butterfly flick. I mention this stuff only because any Sundance report would not be complete without a roster of the shiny and expensive people, but let's get down to the goods; the MOVIES.


Nobody you've ever heard of stars in this wholly confusing and infuriatingly vague sci-fi drama about two guys who devise a box that can jolt them back in time...only each time they do it, it creates two NEW guys who now have to avoid the "old them" and...frankly I couldn't follow the damn thing. And I'm a pretty smart guy.


If you dug last year's spelling bee documentary "Spellbound", I can pretty much guarantee that you'll have a damn good time with this one. The flick follows four of America's most impressive Scrabble players as they compete in various tournaments and competitions on their way to the National Championships in San Diego. Like the best docos out there, this one ends up about 35 times more fascinating and entertaining than the premise makes it out to be.


Action-comedy flick about four youthful lady spies who deal with an evil super-villainess, horny ex-boyfriends and a lovely smattering of lipstick lesbianism. Uber-cuties Sara Foster, Jill Ritchie, Devon Aoki, Meagan Good, Jessica Cauffiel and (especially!) Jordana Brewster fill out their schoolgirl outfits quite sexily, the flick has a technicolor sheen that helps keep things funky and fun, and there's just enough solid laughs to make it worth your while. Could have been a whole lot better, but hey - it's hot young she-spies kicking some ass! Fun stuff!

-- pic from 2003 version of D.E.B.S. by same director --


Here's a ballsy and probably unreleasable satire about what the U.S. of A. would be like if the South had won the Civil War. Done in a clever PBS-style presentation and laden with the sort of humor that would absolutely be labeled 'racist' by those not paying attention, this one's a smart and acerbic flick...and one that will probably have a tough time making it to your local arthouse.


Interested in seeing a documentary about a septic tank cleaner, a corpse reconstructer and a bull masturbator? Well here’s your chance. Fans of stuff that’s both disgusting and relatively obscure should find something to enjoy about this documentary, but for me the end result was much more skeevy than it was fascinating. Yes, we know that human poop, bull semen and dead flesh are gross and that the people who do these jobs deserve our thanks…but that doesn’t mean I want to spend 90+ minutes watching the stuff.

Tomorrow looks a whole lot more promising…so stay tuned!

-- Sundancin’ Scott  

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