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Mr. Law already discussed the new trailer for ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND a couple of days ago here, but allow me to add that other than the fact that the film looks like a major mind-f*ck (which is a good thing-- see screen captures below), it also tags along with it a screenplay by BEING JOHN MALKOVICH's Charlie Kaufman, as well as a fun cast and an engaging story-line? Yup, erasing one's memories from being hurt sounds like a blast to me!

That film is only one of the NEW MOVIE TRAILERS that we added to the site in the past few days, along with Johnny Depp's latest, which recently got pushed forward to March 12th, called SECRET WINDOW. This movie was shot in my hometown of Montreal (during which time, Depp and I had a secret fling-- which involved no secret and no fling) and is based on a novella by that horror-writing-guy, Stephen King. We also added the teaser for a foreign animated film called NOCTURNA, which might have some potential, as well as Willem Dafoe with an accent in THE RECKONING, Piper Perabo looking hot in an indie called PERFECT OPPOSITES and Alias/Elektra/hottie Jennifer Garner "pulling a BIG" and attempting yet another variation on the FREAKY FRIDAY theme of a 13-year old changing in to the body of a 30-year old (hence the title, 13 GOING ON 30) and looking weak while doing so.

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