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Quiz: Kurt Russell


We love Kurt Russell at JoBlo.com. Why do we love the man? Because he's a man's man, that's why! He's the kind of guy who doesn't seem to have let "Hollywood", the big bucks and his hot-ass of a girlfriend/wife/life-partner (Goldie Hawn) ruin his down-to-home nature and rugged good looks (huh?) He's the kind of guy who I feel like I could meet in an airport and spend hours drinking with, or at the very least, getting beat up by, for calling his girlfriend/wife/life-partner "hot-ass". I swear to you now: it would be the greatest beating that I'd ever taken in my life! And I've taken plenty...just ask my ex-girlfriends. But seriously, folks... With the release of Russell's latest film entitled MIRACLE, Indiana Sev thought it would only be "a propos" to send him up in his own TRIVIA QUIZ, so test yourself and see how much you know about the underrated actor with the stylish hair. PS: Once you're done with that tough guy, try your luck on our DENIRO, JACKSON, CROWE and DEPP quizzes or the one featuring SPORTS MOVIES. Here's a sample question from the KURT RUSSELL quiz:

Kurt Russell is Kate Hudson’s father.


Half-true - he is her grandfather.

Half-false - he is her agent.

Half-assed - he is a bad father.


-- click on Goldie Hawn's fake movie boobs to begin --

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