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During my most recent adventures on the web, I've come across many a ridiculous rumor. Some of my favorite are the one about the JAWS remake, a sequel to E.T., another INDEPENDENCE DAY, and the whole thing about another STAR WARS trilogy because Chewbacca signed some papers. While nothing Hollywood does these days surprises me, it's always better to not get caught up in the hype. I learned this from many years of EVIL DEAD 4 bullshit being shoved down my throat. That said, sometimes it's just fun talking about the possibilities. Here's the latest casting whispers......

Cinescape heard that Will Ferrell will be playing Moe Howard in an upcoming THREE STOOGES movie. This is a horrible rumor. Whoever made this up should have their feet removed. Will is probably one of the funniest people I have ever seen but a Stooge he is not. This whole concept should be thrown out the window, the Stooges are comedic geniuses but the modern era wouldn't treat that type of humor with the respect it deserves for being the basis of all slapstick.


According to IMDB, Britney Spears called for a meeting with 007 producer Barbara Broccoli to discuss the possibility of starring in the next James Bond film. As if this and this weren't enough, Spears isn't going to be happy until her spotlight shines brighter than everyone else's. Their source says, "Britney's desperate to carve out a name for herself as an actress and loves the idea of being a Bond girl. She's in great shape and thinks she'd be brilliant. Britney has seen what it's done profile wise for Halle Berry and she wants a slice of the action." Fans of this franchise might want to seriously step back and take a look at the direction these films are going if this pans out, and then slam their faces into the nearest wall.


Dark Horizons ran a quick little note that Michael Duncan Clarke has had a meeting about the possibility of playing Ben Grimm, who turns into The Thing in the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR movie. Clarke is already part of the Marvel universe with his portrayal of The Kingpin in DAREDEVIL, a movie that made me wish I was blind for all the wrong reasons.


The makers of the next SUPERMAN have apparently moved on from wanting Johnny Depp to play Lex Luthor and are considering him for Jor-El, Superman's father according to Superman-V. The next in line for the role of Lex is none other than Bruce Willis. The obvious connections Bruce has to the project is his past work with the film's director (McG) in CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE, the film's producer (Jon Peters) in BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES and the writer (J.J. Abrams) in ARMAGEDDON. Oh yeah, and he's bald.


Finally, Cinescape says that the latest name to come up when discussing the casting of the big screen version of WATCHMEN is Sigourney Weaver as the older Silk Spectre, more commonly known as Sally Jupiter. John Cusack has also had his name dragged around this production round-table as a possibility for The Nite Owl.


Source: CinescapeIMDB
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