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Not a lot of new movie dvd covers were added to the site today, but lots of \"old school\" stuff was. If you\'re looking for the latest from the 70s and 80s, this is the week for you. We did add some new DVD RELEASE DATES for films like THE LAST SAMURAI, MASTER & COMMANDER, BIG FISH and RETURN OF THE KING though, so check those out as well. Of course, the film we\'ve all been waiting for has also been added (and no, I\'m not talking about THE SKULLS 3), in WILD THINGS 2, as well as the special \"uncut\" version of the original WILD THINGS (which will likely feature Bacon penis) Read the hilarious plot outline for the sequel below:

Even wetter and wilder than the original, WILD THINGS 2 is the sexy sequel that shows just how far two beautiful women will go to get what they want. When her filthy-rich stepfather dies, Brittney Havers\' (Susan Ward) life of luxury seems to be over. But things take a twisted turn when a gorgeous classmate (Leila Arcieri) makes a claim for the dead man\'s money. With everything at stake, the two teens go head-to-head in a fight that takes them from the courtroom to the bedroom to the dangerous depths of murder. WILD THINGS 2 is brimming with sex, money, deceit and murder!

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