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Kill Bill action figures!


Yeah, we're all pretty pissed about KILL BILL: VOLUME II being moved out of its February release spot and shot all the way out to April, but that doesn't mean that we have to remain mum on the film, and our anticipation, until then. For example, have you seen the ultra-cool action figures from the film, orderable now (but delivered in July 2004)? This 12-figure set will apparently include the Bride, Go-Go Yubari and three different Crazy 88 fighters. The price for the set is pretty steep, but if you're a rich guy/girl and love the movie, click on the pics below and have a blast. They're 7 inches in height, fully poseable and come with their own weapons and bases, as well as removable limbs when appropriate (yeah, beeyatch!) Incidentally, our friends over at Bloody Disgusting are reporting that O-Ren Ishii was supposed to be in the set also, but might not be, after all. Read more about that on their site. 

Entertainment Earth is also featuring a very groovy KILL BILL Id Card Case (with a Red Apple cigarettes cover, yo!), as well as a nifty little lighter (for smoking doobies, yo!) I gotta get a life.

NECA, the company creating the action figures has more information about them on their official website, where you can also find a cool KILL BILL action figures wallpaper.

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