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If you haven't checked into the latest free contests for DVDs and Blu-Rays section on the Digital Dorm of late, get ready to enter our UNSTOPPABLE contest starting next week. We've also added the latest month of BEST-SELLING ITEMS to the site (January 2011), and it's not a major surprise to see the September 2011 release of the STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA on Blu-Ray as the #1 item on the list (obviously, they were all pre-orders). In fact, it more than tripled the #2 item on the list, THE SOCIAL NETWORK on Blu-Ray.

What I was more stoked about though, was the fact that the "original trilogy" of STAR WARS was one of the runners-up last month, while the so-called "prequel trilogy" wasn't even in our top 100. Suck on that, Lucas! (I gotta get a life)

BTW, if you're someone who purchases your DVDs/Blu-Rays via, please use our links to make your buys because our site benefits from that. Much appreciated! So now, with no further adieu...allow me to present the 12 best-selling digital discs on during the month of January 2010 (click through the image below to see the runner-ups). Keep track of all upcoming DVDs/Blu-Rays via our RELEASE DATES section, and all check all previous months' sales below. Peace!

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